This is us – PHYSIO-TECH

Company boss Günter Michl, engineer and dentist, constructed his first underwater treadmill for his own dog over 20 years ago. After completion of the test phase in a veterinary practice in Kiel, the master craftsman's business has become a market-leading company to this day – because the quality and uniqueness convince our customers.

Selected materials and well thought-out design – also resulting from the cooperation with our customers – are indispensable bases for the production of a special product. However, the experience and know-how of the people involved in its production remain decisive for its quality. You receive the most careful workmanship from the machines and hands of our 6 construction specialists.

This is where the entire management is located: from design drawings to advising our customers, organizing our service tours and providing competent technical support by phone and e-mail: Hand in hand of 5 employees, from purchasing/sales, development, technical writing, accounting and company management, our boss.

Fully equipped vehicles are brought to you by our technicians: with your new device or to a service appointment!

Quality has its success

We celebrated our 500th underwater treadmill for dogs in 2019 – and the demand from all parts of the world is constantly growing.