Hydrotherapy helps dogs to wellness, fitness and health

Like humans, dogs suffer from problems caused by civilisation. Overweight, lack of exercise, age, diseases, injuries, but also overbreeding lead to pain when moving.
In the water the body is freed from its own weight. Movements can be performed with less pain, so that muscles are built up gently.
The resistance of water is more difficult to overcome than the resistance of air. Thus, training in water is more challenging than on dry land and, as a consequence, much more effective.
An additional advantage is created by temperature: Warm water relaxes breathing and muscles, cool water protects the circulation from overheating.
Aquajogging in an underwater treadmill improves the agility and mobility of dogs. This exercise therapy trains the musculoskeletal system safely, joint-gentle and effectively precisely the movement sequences which are needed for everyday locomotion.

  • Arthrosis, dysplasia
  • Rehab
  • Mobilisation
  • Agility
  • Dog Sports
  • Breeding, prevention