Balance trainer for dogs

Bring momentum into your practice – or your home

Our new training device PHYSIO-Swing allows gentle torsions of the whole spine. For many back problems of dogs it can be an optimal help. The exactly definable movement of the therapy platform, to which the dog must react in order to stay in balance, allows a systematic training of specific groups of muscles.

Training on the PHYSIO-Swing builds up the deep muscles of the dog, increases body awareness and stability of the spine. This place-saving and economical device can be used in physiotherapy as well as in dog sports. It is also perfect for agility training, which aims at enhancing the communication between dog owners and their pets.

Recommended for dogs of all sizes up to 100kg

Therapeutic effects

  • Positive stimulation of the stem muscles (musculi multifidi)
  • Positive effect on nerve blockages, tendon lesions and capsules
  • Effective help for herniated disc, bruises and strains
  • Stabilisation of spine, hip and shoulder
  • Training of nerves: enhancement of balance and cognitive capacities
  • Stabilized gait pattern



  • Oval wooden therapy platform with soft, non-slip covering and edge protection
  • Square floor-mounted device of metal with integrated motor
  • Remote control for
    • Seamless control of rotation speed
    • Seamless control of rotation slope

Presentation on Leipzig Congress of Veterinarians in January 2020
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