Aqua filter with UV lamp

Clear, low-odour and almost germ-free water is made possible by a special filter system, which we offer as an additional equipment. The water filling in your storage tank can thus be used for many treatments – without any chemical additives. This is good for dogs' health, the environment and your wallet.



Our software enhances your underwater treadmill by allowing you to record the therapy data of each patient individually, such as:

  • the running speed
  • the distance covered
  • the running session duration

The overview of data from previous sessions shows the progress made during the therapy and allows you to build on it sensibly. The data can be displayed in a graph and printed out. As a result, your customers can also track the success of therapy.


Counterflow system

You can adjust the intensity and height of the water jet. Our system also has a Venturi nozzle based on swimming pool technology for humans. It can mix air in with the water jet. Different levels of power can be chosen. This intensifies the counter flow.

The counterflow system changes the underwater treadmill into a swimming pool. It allows the dog to swim on the spot.

If you use it while the dog is running, the counterflow makes the training more challenging. Good for sporting dogs, or police, guard and companion dogs.

We offer a single nozzle and – especially for our larger models – a double nozzle.


Support frame for tethers

For dogs with limited mobility, due to age or paralysed limbs. The dog is connected to the frame for tethers using a harness system, ensuring the dog is held securely during the training session. Regular training in the underwater treamill can help the dog to become more and more mobile.