Underwater treadmill for dogs

Unlimited therapy options

All possible setting options for the therapy can be adjusted by remote control and can be used variably during the treatment: Inclination of the treadmill from 0% to 15% on every treadmill position between 27 cm and 77 cm above floor level. In this way, the device can immediately be individually adapted to each dog and each training goal.

The desired water level can be selected without using the pumps, solely by varying the treadmill height electrically. The desired water level can also be selected without pumping simply by electrically regulating the height of the treadmill: 4 robust spindles lift and lower the treadmill infinitely variably to any desired position. This model offers the highest level of operating comfort with maximum physical protection for the therapist.

Recommended for dogs of all sizes up to 100 kg.

  • Flap door, including rubber mat, over the whole width of the unit for a comfortable entry of the dog
  • Therapy basin and storage tank, connected to each other via a filter and pump system
  • Thermostat controlled heating in 4 steps from 25-36 °C
  • Underwater massage
  • Remote control with
    • seamless control of treadmill speed
    • control of 2 pumps
    • seamless control of inclination 0%-15%
    • seamless control of elevation 27cm-77cm above floor level
  • Extractable steps
  • Gravitation valve
  • can be used as treadmill
  • can be used as underwater treadmill
  • with change of running direction
  • no high voltage current
Performance Data

Running surface: 146 cm x 43 cm
Inner dimensions: 166 cm x 55 cm x 88 cm
Maximum water level: 70 cm
Speed: 0,5 km/h – 5,5 km/h
Weight at maximum filling: 1.245 kg

Outer Dimensions

Width: 167 cm
Depth: 106 cm (opened 185 cm)

Treatment process
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Hygiene & Safety
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