Hygiene & Safety

Hygienic working with our device is very important to us. We have attached great importance to this aspect in the construction of our models-


The additional aqua-filter with UV-lamp

The water stays clear with low-odour and almost germ-free through a special filter system, which we offer as an additional option. It allows to use the water filling for many treatments -– without any chemical additives. A good solution – for the health of dogs, your wallet and the environment.


Cleaning position

All our models can easily be moved into a position where the different parts of the treadmill are comfortably accessible for a thorough cleaning. A normal household cleaner with good grease dissolving power is sufficient as well as a bath cleaner against lime.


Internal water filter

Our devices are made for the multiple use of a tank filling. This is both economically and ecologically reasonable.

Each model is equipped with an internal water filter as the standard equipment. This filter cleans the water automatically from hairs and other coarse particles while pumping it from therapy basin to water storage tank.


Removal of algae

In order to remove algae from the pipes we recommand our special cleaner: AlgenStopp SPEZIAL should be applied every two or three months. It works over night and has to be rinsed off thoroughly afterwards.

Time required for care

To maintain the functions and service life of your device, it requires regular care:

after each treatment the filter insert is rinsed with warm soapy water

at the end of the working day, the residual dirt (sand etc.) on the floor of the therapy basin is sucked up with a wet vacuum cleaner

after one working week it gets a basic cleaning of about 30 minutes

every one to two months a major cleaning of about 1 hour is necessary


Recommended interval for technical maintenance

At regular intervals it is advisable to have your underwater treadmill serviced by our technicians. Depending on the extent of use, we recommend a maintenance interval between two and four years.