Hydro-Trainer for the Physiotherapy of Humans

Here we present to you a worldwide unique device for therapy and training. It is available as a prototype – ready for testing and clinical research.

This hydrotrainer comes with a dynamic weight recording system so that the relief by water can be adjusted individually for each patient and recorded systematically.


  • glazed training cabin with integrated treadmill
  • lift system that allows to move disabled persons automatically into the cabin
  • water tank usable as resting or massage couch
  • high-performance water filter with chlorine system that cleans water from all viruses and bacteria
  • piping system with optically appealing coverage

The device is operated via a touch screen. Immobile patients, e.g. after a stroke, can be moved into the training cabin while seated.

This aqua treadmill for humans is more than a multi-functional trainer. It is a piece of jewellery for your clinic: in well-known PHYSIO-TECH quality, with a construction that has been thought through in every detail and designed down to the smallest detail.

Required is a room of 6m x 6m, statically sufficient for the ceiling load (water storage tank of 2500 l).

We will be happy to advise you on the best way to use this innovative training and therapy instrument in your clinic.