Can a PHYSIO-TECH underwater treadmill be used also without water?

All our models are dry and underwater treadmills at the same time, but remember: for the dog, running in water is often gentler and safer.

Does the water have to be changed after each treatment?

No, on the contrary. Our construction is designed for multiple use of water. All models include a filter that clears the water from coarse particles when pumped from the therapy basin back into the storage tank.

To keep the water clear, hygienic and odourless over many treatments, we offer as an additional accessory a powerful aqua filter with UV lamp, which removes small particles and kills germs. Depending on the length and condition of the dog's hair, one tank filling is sufficient for 20 to 30 treatments.

Up to which size can dogs be trained in a PHYSIO-TECH underwater treadmill?

The models CLASSICO, COMFORT and PREMIUM allow a water level at which dogs of all sizes and breeds are sufficiently relieved from their own body weight.

In the PHYSIOmini the relief is optimal for dogs up to the size of a German shepherd, even larger dogs can be partially relieved.

The maximum permitted weight for all our models is 100 kg.

Are even small dogs comfortably accessible?

Yes, all models are equipped in such a way that even small dogs can be supported with guided movements effortlessly and gently for the handler's back. It is not necessary to enter the device.

How can working and sport dogs train for performance?

The training effect of the underwater treadmill can be increased challenging even for sporting dogs:

  • by an individually adjustable treadmill speed

  • by an additional resistance, the countercurrent available as an optional equipment for all models

  • since the PHYSIO-TECH counter-current system is based on swimming pool technology for people, additional air can be added to the counter-current this makes the training even more effective

  • due to the treadmill inclination: with the CLASSICO, COMFORT, or PREMIUM model

Can dogs with lame limbs also benefit from training on the PHYSIO-TECH underwater treadmill?

Yes, because for all models the support frame with walkabout is available as an additional equipment.

In the support frame dogs are held securely by a belt system and are fixed at an optimal height to the treadmill, while the treadmill movement under water stimulates and reactivates nerves and muscles.

Is a PHYSIO-TECH underwater treadmill also suitable for mobile therapy?

Customers in various countries have been using our devices for mobile therapy for several years. We offer our models PHYSIOmini, CLASSICO and COMFORT also in the "mobile" version for installation in vehicles.

We will be pleased to advise you on the selection of a suitable vehicle and the options for installation.

Is it possible to separate therapy basin and storage tank from each other?

For transportation purposes, the storage tank and running basin are disassembled, so that all models can be transported through any door from a width of 60cm without any problems.

It is also possible, but not always recommended, to set up the two basins separately for operation. In order to pump water back and forth, pipes or hoses must be laid between the basins, which can easily be tripped over by practitioners and dogs' owners. Laying them in the ground is safer, but expensive and impractical for maintenance.

However, we have already realized various special solutions with separated basins according to customer requirements. We will be pleased to advise you on this upon request.

Do you also deliver to Switzerland, Russia, Chile ...

Yes, we sell and deliver directly from our factory in Kiel. Our technicians install the equipment at your site, anywhere in Europe and beyond. Our devices are now successfully in use in various parts of the world.