Underwater treadmill for dogs

Constructed for professional permanent use

A wide range of treatment options with a high level of operating comfort makes the COMFORT an ideal tool. In addition to the functional scope of the CLASSICO, the COMFORT offers the following special features: The treadmill inclination is infinitely variable and can be activated by remote control during treatment. This allows running uphill and downhill in all positions from 0% to 15% gradient. A further advantage: the back-friendly elevation of the treadmill is set up semi-automatically - just like the cleaning position.

Recommended for dogs of all sizes up to 100 kg.

  • Flap door, including rubber mat, over the whole width of the unit for a comfortable entry of the dog
  • Therapy basin and storage tank, connected to each other via a filter and pump system
  • Thermostat controlled heating in 4 steps from 25-36 °C
  • Underwater massage
  • Remote control with
    • seamless control of treadmill speed
    • pump control
    • seamless control of inclination 0%-15%
  • Semi-automatic elevation level 50 cm
  • Extractable steps
  • Gravitation valve
  • can be used as treadmill
  • can be used as underwater treadmill
  • with change of running direction
  • no high voltage current
Performance Data

Running surface: 140 cm x 43 cm
Inner dimensions: 160 cm x 52 cm x 84 cm
Maximum water level: 70 cm
Speed: 0,5 km/h – 5,5 km/h
Weight at maximum filling: 960 kg

Outer Dimensions

Width: 161 cm
Depth: 100 cm (opened 176 cm)

Treatment process
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Hygiene & Safety
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