PHYSIO-TECH > HORSE POWER < – The special aquatrainer for horses in competitive sports

This multifunctional training device meets the highest technical demands: It was developed for high-performance horses.

> HORSE POWER < offers all possibilities for building-up muscles and condition and thus increases the performance of horses, without risk of injury.

In the training of young horses the relief from their body weight by water is of utmost importance in order to prevent their tendons and joints from damage.

By the specific use of water resistance and inclination of the belt, your breeding and sports horses are going to develop a potential that lets them soon get ahead of their competitors.

Sports and Therapy
> HORSE POWER < offers also every option for rehab therapy after injuries or for prevention.

Belt width 1,10 m      -   Maximum speed 45 km/h   -   Seamless inclination up to 15%   -  Maximum water level 1,60 m   -    Integrated filter system


  • Running basin, glazed all around with safety glass, a guard frame delimits the walking area of the horse
  • Catching system to secure the horse from falling
  • Water tank (12.000 l), directly connected to running basin
  • Filter system with coverage
  • Control cabinet
  • Trainer gallery for monitoring the training session

Installation requirement:

a frost-free hall of at least 12m x 8m (optimal 15m x 10m)

For every further detail we will be pleased to advise you personally – please contact us.