Sequence of treatment

You fill the storage tank of the device with water from your house supply. If necessary, you preheat the water.

You hang the rubber mat over the rubber buffers of the door and fold the door down to the floor. A wide ramp is created for the dog to enter the device without fear. The non-slip rubber mat ensures a secure hold. With the help of the eccentric locks you close the door watertight.

You pump water from the storage tank into the therapy basin using the button on the remote control. The quantity depends on the intended treatment and the constitution of the animal.

By the remote control you set the treadmill slowly into motion. You can adjust the speed continuously until it suits the individual condition of your patient.

After finishing the training, pump the water from the therapy basin back to the storage tank. The water passes through an internal filter, which cleans it of coarse dirt. So it is ready for the next treatment.

You dry the dog in the empty therapy basin. Your practice remains dry. The dog leaves the device over the door folded down to the floor.