The advantages of aquatherapy and dog training with the PHYSIO-TECH system

  • dry and underwater treadmill in one
  • etremely compact design for a space-saving installation
  • can also be installed in rooms with narrow access doors from 60cm
  • no laying of pipes on or in the floor
  • flap door across the entire width of the device as a wide ramp for a stress-free entry of the dog
  • therapeutic support comfortable and effortless from outside the device
  • multiple use of the water: by pumping it back and forth between the storage tank and the therapy basin with simultaneous coarse filtering of the water – both economical and ecological aqua training
  • hydrotherapy without high-voltage current: guarantees a high level of safety for practitioners and patients
  • hygienic water without chemicals: by an additional aqua filter with UV lamp

Diagnose problems

Prerequisite for a good therapy is a good analysis of the locomotion problems.

To enable you to observe your patient's gait from all sides, let the dog run alternately in both directions – by the change of the running direction of the treadmill.

On all models


Release blockades

The underwater massage with a powerful, adjustable water jet loosens and relaxes the muscles of your patient. Your practice remains dry.

On all models


Provide versatile treatments

The treadmill inclination expands your treatment spectrum: It also allows your patients to walk on slopes – uphill and downhill.

Particularly challenging and therefore perfect for the muscle building training of working and sport dogs. Or you use this option for dog therapy: e.g. to stretch the hindquarters (uphill) or to stretch the forequarters (downhill).

With our big models CLASSICO, COMFORT, PREMIUM


Gently accustoming

The gravity valve allows you to fill the running pool even without using the electric pump. In combination with the pump you achieve an extremely short filling time. This particularly low-noise form of filling is especially suitable for getting anxious dogs used to the underwater treadmill.

With our big models CLASSICO, COMFORT, PREMIUM

Installation requirements

Can be dismantled for transport

Easy transport through doors from 60 cm width upwards and through staircases

Low weight

Even with maximum filling no exceeding of the ceiling load permissible in normal rooms

Minimum space requirement

Can be installed in an area of 2m x 2m including control cabinet – no extra room for water tank or control cabinet required

No high voltage current

Standard power supply of 230V, 16A with specially fused circuit – like a washing machine

Room conditions

Even in problematic room conditions, our device usually finds room – we will gladly work out a proposal free of charge how our underwater treadmill can be installed in your practice.